Most Elegant and Stylish Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees for Every Occasion

Bhagalpur is a small place in Bihar which took the Indian saree fashion by a storm after it discovered Bhagalpuri silk sarees made in Tussar and Dupion silk. These silks are light and breezy, hence they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are beautiful sarees that have very recently claimed the acclamation that was theirs from the beginning. They have beautifully designed floral prints with the use of extremely contrasting yet beautiful colors. They have a very vibrant hue pattern that instantly grabs the attention of every woman. They have beautiful embroidered or patchwork borders, but nothing matches the beautiful contrasting pallus which are a class apart. These colors are achieved through vegetable dying of the cloth and then later crafted for perfection. Their handwoven eco-friendly clothes are extremely enriching for all its wearers.


Material and Design used for the Creation

The cloth used in Bhagalpuri silk saris is a mix of cotton and silk called paper silk. It is extremely light in weight and can be easily set into pleats, which is nearly impossible for many in cotton and silk. The silk and cotton sarees consume a lot of time to attain the shape that the wearer wants it to, but in the case of Bhagalpuri saris, they are extremely easy to wear and carry. The use of Tussar and Dupion silk gives the saree a shimmery touch, also adds to its grace.

The sarees have a heavenly feel to them and instantly cheer up your mood with their vibrant and beautiful colors. Although all Indian sarees are a class apart and have been beautifully created, the Bhagalpuri silk saris have been designed to be worn at every occasion without the fear of overdoing the attire. They form perfectly to wear for both corporate and Karva Chauth. Their unique colors and designs make them the right choice for every occasion.


This is not all, the traditional Bhagalpuri sarees have authentic zari borders and stonework combined with block printing or heavy border, which has quite a following in north. But, we owe the foundation of these beautiful saris to Chhattisgarh where they were originally hand-painted, as a process of decoration. However, because of the extreme costs involved in hand printing, the specially designed machine-printed saris have become more popular. Another reason for such a change is there more reasonable costs and a variety of prints.


Their multi-color patterns are a reason enough for every woman to smile as they are crafted to perfection to woo every audience. Another factor working in their favor is their anti-crease designs which make them perfect for long day wear and yet look elegant and fresh in the evening.