6 Fashion Hacks Can Make You Look Longer In Saree

Wearing a saree is one of the oldest traditions in India. Even though there have been many changes in the saree, the fashion of the saree has never become old. It was worn in olden times and even today many women like to wear it. Women of all sizes can wear it, but women of low height feel that they cannot carry it.



So let us break this old thinking that sarees do not look good on younger women. Let us tell you about some fashion hacks that can make you look tall in a sari.


1. Thin Border


Short people should not wear thick border sari. The wide border of the sari hides your frame and also has a special effect on your look.



2. Small prints


Girls of short stature should avoid wearing large patterns and print sarees. Smaller prints and designs do not pay attention to your size and you look better.



3. Steep bandages 


Like other clothes, standing strips show their awesomeness even on sari. As we have already told you that wearing clothes with vertical stripes makes us look taller. On the other hand, wearing a sari with horizontal stripes makes us look fat.


4. Blouse


Wear a blouse that has light work. If you are wearing a plain saree, then choose a blouse that has a bit more work. On the other hand, if you are wearing a saree that has a lot of work, then wear a blouse with light work. 



5. The length


The length of the petticoat, make sure that the length of your petticoat is correct and you should wear it under the navel. You should also make sure that your feet are not visible from under the petticoat, because it makes you feel shorter.



6. Footwear Choose


Choose good heel footwear. Wearing high heels will make you look taller in a sari.