3 Important Hair Care Tips for Damaged Black Hair

So when you can take good care of your hair, then I’m sure that you can say goodbye to such worries which actually affect your self-esteem later on. So let us quickly cover all those tips which really come handy.

black hair care tips for damaged hair

  1. Firstly, you need to remember the fact that most of the chemicals cause quite a lot of damage to the hair. Of course, if your hair is course, you will definitely require some chemicals in order to straighten and stylize it.

But when you frequently use such harsh chemicals, then I’m sure that your hair gets damaged quite fast and that is the reason why you need to think twice before using such chemicals which are actually used in the straightners. This is one of the most important hair care tips for damaged black hair.

  1. The next important aspect is the usage of heat on the hair. I’m sure that you must be using flat irons or even the dryers in order to manage your hair but frankly speaking if you’re overusing them, it is high time you reduce the usage because they too play a very important role when it comes to damaging the hair.

That is the reason why it is really very important to ensure that proper care is taken. Nowadays, many people have completely got habituated when it comes to the usage of dryers. It is definitely difficult to completely stay away from them but reducing the usage would definitely help up to a particular extant.

  1. The next important aspect is the washing aspect of the hair. If you’re actually washing your hair daily, then I’m sure that your hair might actually lose some of its natural oils and it is not really a healthy thing to do.

It is good to actually shampoo your hair only twice or thrice a week because you will be able to retain some natural oils on your scalp which really prevent the damage.

It is very important to understand various reasons for the hair damage and then you’ll be able to stay from all those reasons so that you can definitely control the damage up to a particular extent.

Apart from all these tips, it is always good to remember the fact that brushing your hair gently plays a very important role when it comes to better maintenance of your hair.

If you’re harsh with your hair, then you are actually adding more to the damage of it. So make sure that you follow all of these black hair care tips for damaged hair.

How to Make Skin Care in Cold Weather?

With the arrival of winter months, we begin to see the effects of cold weather on our skin as well as around us. When cold weather, low humidity, and wind come together, they can dry the skin and cause damage. Our skin is also vulnerable with the cold that causes various changes in our body from blood circulation to constriction of the veins and symptoms to appear as if our skin is rapidly aging. Central heating systems used in homes also become salt pepper to dry skin. In dry weather, the skin tries to close this gap by releasing its moisture. In cold weather, if skincare is taken into consideration, extra dryness of the skin, it may be possible to spend winter months with moist and healthier skin.

More Moisture!

In cold weather, instead of water-based, oil-based, ointment consistency can be used as a moisturizer. The oil will have a protective layer effect on the skin and will provide more protection of the moisture in the skin compared to fine cream or lotion. When choosing a moisturizer, you may want to make your choice in favor of natural and organic products. Almond, avocado, coconut, or jojoba oils both moisturize and nourish the skin. You can also use glycerin-like moisturizing lotion and moisture-absorbing lotion.


It is recommended that you take a look at what is going on in your skin care products. Protective and perfumery substances may dry and irritate the skin. Propylene glycol, quaternion-15, and imidazolidinyl urea are the main ingredients in various care products known to touch-sensitive skin.

Also, cold weather anti-bacterial soap, perfumed soap, and alcohol-containing skin care products should not be used because these products can dry the skin oil.

Protect Your Skin When You Go Out

In the summer, we have to keep the same protection pace in the winter just as we are trying to protect our skin from the sun. Even on cloudy and snowy days, it is necessary to apply sunscreen with natural ingredients and use a lip moisturizer. Especially the abdomen is known to reflect light more than water. Because our lips are not oily glands, they dry and crack very quickly. Covering your face with a scarf and using gloves can cut off cold reddening and cracking.

Do Not Wash with Hot Water

Few things give as much pleasure as a warm bath in winter, but maybe the water will dry out the skin so much hotter in the bathroom. Hot water, warm or cold water much more quickly than the oil of the skin gets. So it is better to reduce the duration of the bath in winter and wash with warm water for the skin.

If peeling is done while bathing, the dry skin layer that causes itching can be discarded. However, as soon as you get out of the bath, it is important to completely hydrate the skin with an oil that will trap the moisture.

Drink plenty of water or herbal tea for moisture.

Whatever our health status inside of us is reflected in the outside and our skin. It is necessary to drink enough water to protect the body’s moisture. It is best to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and all other diuretic drinks. Liquid-containing fruits, vegetables, soup-like foods, and herbal teas will help maintain the body’s moisture.

Drink plenty of water

Eat foods rich in omega-3s.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are healthy fats and help maintain natural fats in your cells and keep the skin moisturized. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in foods such as cold-water fish or walnuts. We’re thinking more about moisture, but we should remember that what we eat is closely related to our skin all year round. Acid, oily, salty foods, cigarettes, and alcohol affect the skin negatively no matter how much the air is.

Don’t heat the house or workplace too much

Most heating systems that we use at home or workplaces dry both the air and the skin. On cold days, we try to stem the heating devices as much as our budget can, but we do badly for the skin. It is recommended that the room temperature be less than 23 degrees so that it does not dehydrate the air and does not adversely affect our body. Keep in mind that the high heat difference between the cold outside and the temperature inside will wear off the skin. The skin exposed to heat changes may become irritated and dry.

Another option is to check the humidity of your room, especially in the bedroom, to use moisture in the air.

In cold weather, the above suggestions will help to protect your skin, but if there are more severe abnormalities in the skin than can be caused by cold weather, it is best to apply to a dermatologist first. Other than cold weather, allergies, asthma, eczema, or other genetic disorders may also affect your skin.

Trendy and Beautiful Wedding Sarees for the Gorgeous Look

Wedding Sarees are an essential part of an Indian marriage. The whole celebrations are incomplete without flaunting the gorgeous side with some heavy work Kanchipuram or a Chiffon saree with zardozi work all over. Indian marriages are the spectacular one and the chain of events and their concepts are added a touch of charisma with the different varieties of wedding sarees.

Wedding Saree Online

Selective Ranges for the Engagement Ceremony:

The engagement marks the beginning of the grand union of two hearts witnessed by several family members and guests. As two people exchange rings and vows, there is an intense urge to dress up beautifully. Some of the best options for this occasion are materials such as chiffon, georgette, or a South Indian silk saree preferably a Kanchi Pattu can be a suitable option. For a simple look, a pleated Ulta Pallu dressing style can be tried. But if you are ready with a designer blouse with three-quarter sleeves or semi-transparent full sleeves then the Ulta pallu pattern will be the best choice.

Wedding Saree Collection

The Haldi Ceremony in the Morning:

Haldi is an important event generally followed in the morning on the wedding day. Brides are generally dressed in yellow saree or white dress. The procedure is followed by women taking part in the ritual and applying a paste of turmeric mixed with several herbal skincare ingredients that are believed to enhance the glow of the skin to make her look more gorgeous than ever. Single pleated Ulta Pallu saree draping can be tried during this occasion.

Wedding Saree Online Shopping

The Wedding Event Collections:

The bride’s, dress in heavy work bridal dresses for the wedding event. Red is the prime choice for the majority of people however the other dark color combinations can also be tried. While many wear Ghagra Choli but the craze for Sarees never seems to fade away. Eyeing this fact, the manufacturers are now introducing the lehenga series that is not only easy to wear but is featured with heavy zari work, using Zardosi patterns, Kundan work, sequins, and much more. The Zardosi work is done with different materials including chiffon, georgette, etc. The South Indian bride mainly dress in white saree having very stunning red borders with exquisite zari embroidery to bestow the best look ever.

The stone studded sarees have fabulous designs and bestow a gorgeous look to the bride. The Kundan works are very heavy and dense in look and are made to match the stone-studded jewelry. It involves the use of golden wires and stones for embroidery purposes. Once the work is completed, the sarees are sent for polishing to provide the luster you desire. The Zardosi work is done in different patterns with heavy work or simple patchwork are also seen having stones, mirror, sequins, etc.

Wedding Saree

Experimenting Patterns for the Reception Function:

There is enough scope for trying out different types of sarees and color combinations for the reception party. One of the best choices for the brides is the Lehenga sarees. The lehenga sarees are also worn in the Gujarati style. The tall brides can select from bicolor ones. However single color options are readily available.

Party Wear Sarees for Flaunting a Perfect Look at Parties

Social appearance is important for every woman to be a celebrity or an ordinary person. Women make long term preparations before the festive season like Navratri and Diwali to get the best look not only in terms of glamour but also for the outfit. Over the ages, eminent personalities from the fashion industry have pointed out that nothing beautifies Indian women more than the saree.

Party wear sarees from boutique collections are worth attending parties, marriage ceremonies, social gatherings, and rituals. Proper dressing is very important for everyone as a smarter and gorgeous look raises your impression among the people around you.

Party Wear Sarees Online

Party Wear Half Sarees with Exquisite Combo

Half sarees can be tried for parties but there are certain things to consider. These sarees are can have a color combination of deep pink and yellow, red and green, etc. and are preferable for pre-marriage parties and suits best for them would-be brides. But if you are attending any other occasion such as a Diwali party then your party wear half sarees can be designed with broad zari work or patchwork of Kundan with heavy stonework. For a contemporary touch, you can try the white and black combo with the black portion being part of the pallu. Chanderi work looks fabulous on half sarees and the rest of the portion can be of net material.

Party Wear Sarees Online Shopping

Party Wear Designer Sarees

The designer ranges having the labels and tags that can be best for attending the parties of the life such as the marriage reception of family members. You can easily avail these sarees from online sources. If you are particular about any designer such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Satya Paul, or Manish Malhotra you can visit the official website and select one of your choices. One of the most interesting facts about the party wear designer sarees is that you can alter some of the designs and get it made especially for you. But if you are purchasing, such sarees take more time for blouse stitching and those out of stock can take up to 10 to 20 days for shipping.

Party Wear Sarees Collection

Sarees are like lifetime possessions which even your future generations can wear as well. Hence if you are purchasing one from the latest party wear sarees collection this can be tried even after some years may be in some different draping style. For instance, the golden color Kanjivaram sarees were equally popular in the 70s as they are today. However, if you are buying one today, the designing, border patterns will have Neoteric fusion style artistry.

Party Wear Saree

Today the presence of the eCommerce sites has reduced the hassles of purchasing sarees and getting the series of work done on them such as the falls and edging, blouse stitching, etc. The designer blouses are largely in fashion today and you can experiment with the length of the sleeves, cutting, embroidery, neck designs, and much more. Some of the Shirt length sizes can match well with Lehenga sarees, net sarees, etc. You can order for a stitched blouse along with your party wear sarees.

Party Wear Sarees

The price of designer collection of party wear sarees will vary according to the label, artwork, saree material, etc. For some with opulent artwork in net Lehenga sarees, the prices can go up to 20,000 INR or more. The designers today are working with some of the best alternatives to cater to the ever-rising demand among the people. There is plenty of such party wear saree with a price range of about 4000 INR to 10,000 INR. However, if you are looking for a regular party wear sarees you can get plenty of choices with price ranges of 2000 INR to 5000 INR.

Bedazzle Them With Bandhani Sarees!

Bandhani has its roots in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The tie and dye technique in Kutch is a family tradition kept alive by the Muslim Khatri community here, and the colors used are in keeping with time-tested traditions and they signify various stages in a person’s life or occasions that are celebrated with gusto. Thus, dark solid colors signify a woman or family in mourning, while yellow symbolize a new mother and red for a young girl in the bloom of youth.

Bandhani Sarees

The art of bandhani has cast its shadow on Rajasthan as well where it has gained popularity over time, but the designs used in Rajasthan differ from the ones in Gujarat. Certain prints are peculiar to Rajasthan, such as the Leheriya or wave pattern used for the bandhani here, which isn’t found anywhere else. The finest Bandhanis continue to be made in Rajasthan and Gujarat, although some crude forms of this tie-and-dye are seen in Sindh ( Pakistan) and Uttar Pradesh too.

Bandhani Sarees Online

Bandhani or Bandhej is a traditional resist dyeing method where the cloth is tied to make designs using tiny dots, and dyes are filled in starting from the light colors to the dark. There are various designs made with the use of a few major colors like red, black, blue, maroon, yellow. Depending on the patterns and the materials used, the end product may be a Chandrakhani, Gharchola, Panetar, or Kombi.

The Chandrakhani is worn by Khatri brides and is characterized by round circular patterns that stand for the moon and is set against a blue-black background. The Ghar Chola is a bandhani lined with zari checks and is a traditional wedding saree worn by brides in the Lohana community.

Bandhani Sarees Online Shopping

In Rajasthan, the Leheriya pattern is made of dots arranged in a wave pattern signifying water and is worn during the monsoon, especially during the Teej festival. There are other patterns too, prevalent in Rajasthan, such as Mothra, Ekdalia, and Shikari, most of which depict animals and birds using dots.

Originally Bandhani was used on turbans, Odhnis, sarees, and skirts in Gujarat and Rajasthan using fabrics like fine cotton mulmul and fine silk since these are most suitable for the resist dyeing technique used. The Rabari women, incidentally, wore bandhani on coarse woolen cloth as Odhnis. Today, with modern methods and computerized techniques, the process is no longer as time-consuming and labor-intensive as it was in the past. Bandhani saree can also be easily worked on a variety of fabrics today, such as georgette, chiffon, viscose, and synthetic blends.

Bandhani Sarees Collection

The colors used have also moved from the traditional ones to a myriad lighter hue. However, the designs of Jamnagar, Jaipur, and Sikar continue to be cherished for their intricacy and fine execution, as are traditional shades of red, maroon, and the like. The qualities of modern drapes have only added to the beauty of Bandhej products today.

Type of Fabric used in Bandhani Sari:

Here are some modern takes on traditional Bandhej on sarees that stand out in their distinctive uniqueness. The most popular varieties are listed here to help you take your pick:

Chiffon Bandhani Saree:  The most appreciated element in a Chiffon Bandhani is its sensuous drape and smooth, flowy texture. Pair your sari with some simple pair of colored earrings and matching bangles to make the sari stand out.

Chiffon Bandhani Saree

Crepe Bandhani Saree: A crepe bandhani has a silky, lustrous look that looks great when teamed with an elegant neckline or a halter blouse to match. Crepe Bandhani is available in the widest range of colors to choose from for any and every occasion, and are most suited for the modern Indian woman.

Crepe Bandhani Saree

Viscose Bandhani Saree: Choose Viscose Bandhani Saree if you are looking for an impressive shade in a specific color. There is a wide range of shaded colors available in this segment.

Georgette Bandhani Saree:  Georgette Bandhani Saree perfectly complements a wide range of laces and embellishments, and is the designer's choice to come up with the best creation in the market.

Change your Look and Style with Attractive Embroidered Sarees

Sarees are one of the most elegant outfits of Indian culture and make every woman feel royal and alluring. The gorgeous saree is one of the popular Indian ethnic wear. Saree is extremely colorful and simple to wear and wash. It can be viewed as the most agreeable clothing and the most average of all garments worn by women. That is the reason ladies in the dominant part of the landmass of the preservationist Asia as well, have taken to wearing a sari. Following the Indian society is brimming with celebrations and festivities; there is a lot of explanation behind ladies to spruce up in the most avant-garde Embroidered sarees

Embroidery Sarees

The embroidery sarees are the top most loved amongst ladies and the young ladies as they are extremely popular and can be worn with as much polish. The oomph that it oozes is just out of the world.

Embroidery sarees are very stylish and decorative. Various soft fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, net, and jacquard make these embroidered saris exclusive. The traditional and heavy embroidery on these saris looks classy and stunning. These saris are the ideal decision as they are awesome to take a gander at, oversaw advantageous and simple to wear. You will find numerous beautiful shades like orange, bright yellow, purple, rose pink, fawn, and many more. 

Embroidery Sarees Online

Selection of Embellishments and Embroidery

Women and girls, of all age groups like designer embroidered saree. Designer sarees are splendid and can flatter all body types. Anyone will love the floral embroidery and glitter thread work done on the border and pallu of the saris. Delicate motifs and traditional borders make this sari look completely exquisite. Embroidered saris are perfect wear for a stylish date and special gathering.

Designer Embroidery Sarees

Embroidery sarees online shopping; is an easy way to get your special outfit. Online boutiques have a wide accumulation of embroidery saris with the finest quality fabric that is anything but difficult to wear and simple to keep up. You can get a vast range of beautiful designer embroidered sarees through online shopping. All the pretty shades, rich fabrics, and embroidery patterns are available. The latest embroidery saree designs are very unique and elegant. The special thread work, zardozi work, and delicate embroidery on these saris can transform your look completely.

Designer Embroidery Saree

Upgrade your wardrobe with the latest collections of embroidery saris for party and marriage functions. The designer saree will make you show-stealer with gorgeous looks. The brightness and designs are alluring to make you an urgent customer. The feeling of being feminine abounds in every corner as you can now shop online for all colors, styles, and cuts at reasonable prices. Go online and check out great deals on the most exquisite outfits! Be beautiful

Make an Incredible Fashion Statement with Silk Sarees

Silk sarees may remind you of celebrities that pull them off almost daily. Due to the natural dye and exuberant emotion, silk is always a success in a traditional function or a wedding. Silk saree provide a defined structure as they are thicker than other fabrics. They stay and show a very poised look as well. One of the biggest features is the durability, well-defined drapes, and lightweight. Silk has more types than any other specific fabric and hence stands out with its versatility. 

Silk Saree

Types of Silk Sarees

Providing a unique blend of culture, modernity, tradition, grace, elegance, and respectability silk saris are always going to be a favorite. The types of silk sarees found around the country are Kanchipuram silk saree, Banarasi saree, Tussar silk saree, Art silk sari, Bhagalpuri silk sari, Baluchari silk sari, Mysore silk sari, Chanderi saree, Bandhani saree, and Raw Silk Sari and Cotton Saree. Amongst the above types, the Baluchari Sari has a depiction of mythological characters from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Another Royal where among the silk sarees is the Paithani sarees as they have floral designs, natural elements like plants and animals incorporated in the design. There is another beautifully weaved saris from South India is the Pattu sarees. These saris are handwoven with wide contrast border. Other saris are more or less similar but differ in their color palettes, machinery used, the style followed and worn, and procedure that is is implemented in the creation of the saree.

Silk Sarees Online

How to choose the perfect Silk

After reading about all the styles and types of silk saris, you may be confused about your preference. Here are the simple guide for you to find the perfect choice.

  • Women of medium and medium skin tones usually prefer shades of red, orange, saffron, yellow, and hot pinks. These brighten the face. Dark and neutral colors add darkness to the face than brightening it. Women with bronze or olive skin tones find pastel colors as the best choices. Lastly, cool and pale skin tones work best with bright blues and pinks.
  • Silk Saree Borders are the make or break factor as they can overemphasize or underestimate the appearance. Usually, shorter women must opt for shorter bordered saris and taller women can go for broader borders.
  • Any outfit is incomplete without proper embellishments. To add the finishing touch to your outfit, ensure you're choosing the embellishments that not only suit the occasions but also suit one's personality. For weddings, you'd have to go for larger Indian jewelry that's more detailed and for a simple occasion, even a simple chain with a pendant will do.

Silk Saree Online

Nowadays, many shopping sites making the best designer sarees and famous designs of silk saris available to you, delivered at your doorstep that ensure you're thoroughly satisfied with your choice. You can also explore a wide range of Indian wedding attires.