Most Elegant and Stylish Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees for Every Occasion

Bhagalpur is a small place in Bihar which took the Indian saree fashion by a storm after it discovered Bhagalpuri silk sarees made in Tussar and Dupion silk. These silks are light and breezy, hence they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees are beautiful sarees that have very recently claimed the acclamation that was theirs from the beginning. They have beautifully designed floral prints with the use of extremely contrasting yet beautiful colors. They have a very vibrant hue pattern that instantly grabs the attention of every woman. They have beautiful embroidered or patchwork borders, but nothing matches the beautiful contrasting pallus which are a class apart. These colors are achieved through vegetable dying of the cloth and then later crafted for perfection. Their handwoven eco-friendly clothes are extremely enriching for all its wearers.


Material and Design used for the Creation

The cloth used in Bhagalpuri silk saris is a mix of cotton and silk called paper silk. It is extremely light in weight and can be easily set into pleats, which is nearly impossible for many in cotton and silk. The silk and cotton sarees consume a lot of time to attain the shape that the wearer wants it to, but in the case of Bhagalpuri saris, they are extremely easy to wear and carry. The use of Tussar and Dupion silk gives the saree a shimmery touch, also adds to its grace.

The sarees have a heavenly feel to them and instantly cheer up your mood with their vibrant and beautiful colors. Although all Indian sarees are a class apart and have been beautifully created, the Bhagalpuri silk saris have been designed to be worn at every occasion without the fear of overdoing the attire. They form perfectly to wear for both corporate and Karva Chauth. Their unique colors and designs make them the right choice for every occasion.


This is not all, the traditional Bhagalpuri sarees have authentic zari borders and stonework combined with block printing or heavy border, which has quite a following in north. But, we owe the foundation of these beautiful saris to Chhattisgarh where they were originally hand-painted, as a process of decoration. However, because of the extreme costs involved in hand printing, the specially designed machine-printed saris have become more popular. Another reason for such a change is there more reasonable costs and a variety of prints.


Their multi-color patterns are a reason enough for every woman to smile as they are crafted to perfection to woo every audience. Another factor working in their favor is their anti-crease designs which make them perfect for long day wear and yet look elegant and fresh in the evening.


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6 Most Beautiful Saree Fabric you must have in your Wardrobe!

Sarees are the women's clothing which can be best suitable for various occasions such as marriages, functions, and much more. Most of the women in India are so fascinated to wear this garment. Sarees are coming with the matching blouse which makes women look attractive. As we know saris are available in many fabrics. There is a saying “Variety is the true flavors of life”, having a wide range of saris are available in different types of fabrics always allows the women of today to be more fashionable daily. Here are the most commonly used fabrics:

  1. Silk Saree: 

Silk is primarily a fabric that is obtained from the cocoon of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. There are several kinds of silk saree such as Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Konrad, Chanderi, and Tussar. These silk sarees are produced when the artisans solely use silk as their base material for weaving.


  1. Cotton Saree:

These are popularly known as daily wear saris, due to its everyday wearability. Cotton sarees are best suitable for summers as it keeps you cool for long hours. This sari has become a personal favorite among women of all ages.


  1. Chiffon Saree:

Chiffon sarees are polyester made and lightweight. These are so lightweight that you feel floating in the air like experience while donning it. These are flowy, smooth, and slippery material, that has revolutionized due to its lightweight and figure-hugging facet. It depicts the sensual trait of a sari with elegance.


  1. Georgette Sarees:

These saris are made of silk and polyester alike. It has a crinkly effect to it, which makes it wavy. These have a border like plain, satin infused to give the sari a royal and rich look. Georgette sarees are worn by working women profusely, as it gives them the elegant as well as saree sponsored grace.


  1. Net Sarees:

Net sarees are transparent and best for party wear. These help you dress stylishly with trendy yet modern designs without losing the sensuality of a sari. Women with svelte and slim body attributes must go for net sari. These are typically woven in such a way that the threads are done in a natural criss-cross fashion. They can easily be worn without much hassle. Net saris with heavy embroidery is the most popular buy in the wedding season. Team it up with a trendy, halter blouse to rule the party.


  1. Crepe Saris:

Crepe saree is made of delicately crisp silk. The geometric pattern and ethnic art are the common design found in crepe sari. These are very elegant in look due to its luminous appearance. These are wearable throughout the year. Crepe saree has a wavy touch that hangs on to your body and makes you look slim.

Cotton Sarees - Look Your Best in Parties and Casual Occasion

Indian women from any economic, cultural, and social background carry off the saree with great panache. This is a quintessential traditional Indian wear that makes women look ethereal. Saree is one of the most gorgeous and comfortable clothes for a woman to wear. Every Indian woman dreams of having a collection of stylish and chic sarees in her wardrobe. The sarees featuring contrasting pallu, beautiful zari works, and the border will surely make you look graceful on any occasion. Pair these saris with the right accessories and look at your best. There is no better option than cotton for the stylish and fashion-conscious Indian women living through the scorching hot summers. Cotton saree is preferred because it offers women a stylish and smart look even as it keeps them cool.


If you think cotton saris are only for daily, mundane wear, think again! It is not difficult finding stylish and sophisticated women draped in six yards of cool and comfortable cotton sarees. These saris are perfect for all occasion. Many choose cotton sarees for daily wear as they are soft and comforting on the skin and perfect for those suffering from any skin issues.

For special occasions, there are cotton saris available with heavy artwork. Choose from a range of casual cotton saris if you are planning on using them for daily wear. Women working in the hospitality industry, aviation industry, colleges, offices, and schools prefer wearing formal cotton saris as they are easy to manage and keep them cool especially during summers.


Cotton sarees are available in an array of different colors, textures, and designs. Carefully designed saris are highly preferred by choosy women who wish to look sophisticated and elegant. These saris help accentuate their personality and are perfect for women of all age groups.

In India, some of the major types of cotton sarees available in the market include Kota Doria, Jamdani, Sambalpuri, gadwal, Kanchi cotton, and so on. Kota Doria cotton sari is designed in Rajasthan while the Sambalpuri saris are exquisitely woven by weavers in Orissa. Uttar Pradesh is the source of the attractive Jamdani sarees while Gadwal sarees originate from Western India.


For the passionate Indian women looking for style and comfort, there is a stunning range of varieties available. They can choose from the exquisite hand-woven saris, hand-painted saris, and printed cotton saris. There is a whole new range of cotton saris available now accentuated with mirror-work, thread work, block print, gotta work, sequence and embellished with beads, semi-precious stones, pearls, and zari work. You can conveniently shop for unique cotton saris from any online store and choose the one that would add grace and glamour to your beauty. They can also provide you with an opportunity to get the best prices.

Wedding Sarees - Enhance the Beauty of Indian Bride

Wedding sari is the traditional dress for Indian women and generally, these sarees are white, red, and yellow. Women spend a lot of time buying these dresses they visit many shopping malls and won’t look after money in buying the wedding sarees. There are various shopping malls are available in the market.


Saree is the Indian female garment that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards in length and two to four feet in breadth. These sarees are usually made with gold and silk threads for the rich look. And it is a strip of unstitched cloth that varies from four to nine meters in length.

Now a day’s people prefer embroidery sarees and work sarees for wearing in wedding and India, some cities like Chennai, Kanchi, Bangalore, Mysore is famous for wedding saris. There are different types of models available in the market such as Pattu sarees, Banarasi saris. These sarees are supposed to be more ethnic and traditional wedding attire, and Indian wedding is all about beautiful clothes and jewels and different types of patterns were prefer by Indians such as bridal saris with embroidery work which gives a rich and fabulous look in the wedding


Most of the Indians were red color at the wedding and even most of the people wear red today and completes the fat Indian wedding. And some people prefer for Banarasi saree and silk is used in making Banaras saris is being sourced from the southern parts of the country mainly from Bangalore.

The silk sarees are also exclusively used in a wedding. These sarees also reflects a variety of designs, these sarees are very famous in India not only in India but also worldwide for its unique designs. Silk is one of the higher grade fabrics provides comfort to the wearer in all types of weather. These are enriched with new styles to tempt the fabric lovers, these sarees are made of pure gold, and boarders of these sarees are made up of gold and silver threads. These sarees are in the top list due to its rich look. These silk sarees are manufactured in different styles and design the most silk sarees are found in Kanchipuram.


Silk sarees have its extraordinary quality of the fabric, purity of the zari, which has distinctive drape, a wonderful quality, and better- soft feel gives an elegant look to anyone wears it. These Silk Pattu Sarees are can be washable, and also durable.

Some prefer wearing simple silk sarees in wedding, these Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees are more costly when compared with other wedding sarees and these are usually made in Tamilnadu, India these sarees are also known as Kanjivaram saree

In south Indian wedding silk sarees plays an important role which costs around 2500 to 200000 depending upon the designer collection, pattern, zari, etc.

These Kanchipuram sarees presents to God lord Venkateshwara for Kalyanam in Tirupathi and are woven with heavy silk and gold cloth are considered to be special and worn on occasions.

Things to know about Crepe Sarees and Fabrics

Crepe fabric is also known by crepe de Chine or soft crepe. It has a crinkled texture and is made from woven silk and silk yarns. A silk crepe fabric is an excellent fabric in crepe which is sheer in luster. Crepe fabric comes in two forms thin and hard crepe. Thin crepe fabric is used for making fashionable Indian clothing like the Churidar Kameez, Salwaar Kameez, Lehenga Choli and Sarees.


In contemporary Indian society, crepe fabric is used for crepe sarees and which is a rage among women these days. The spectacular array of sarees available in crepe surely makes women a show stunner. In many north Indian families, crepe sarees are a must-have in the wardrobe and also the intrinsic embroidery on the outfit is breathtaking. Resham work is also done on the crepe sarees to show the beauty of the fabric.


On any occasion or parties, the right choice for a modern chick look one should wear a crepe saree. Indian designers bring out the modern and ethnic look in today’s modern fabric n a unique manner. The crinkled texture of crepe brings out the charm in women and also accentuates her feminism. They have appliqué works, gold panels, sequins and zari work done extensively to get the grace and charm in a saree. Plain and printed crepe sarees are designed by designers these days. 


Crepe fabric is the right fabric for a beautiful modern saree because it has a lustrous appearance, fine and glossy texture and also silk-like glaze which makes it suitable for every formal occasion. Most of the luxurious saris are available in crepe. Crepe saree cannot compete with a silk saree but still, it has the charm to go side by side with a silk saree with its luster. Crepe saris can be very easily draped and worn with comfort. The fabric is very slippery and it glazes so one has to tuck it in and tie it up carefully and strongly.


Normally most of the crepe saris are not decked up with embellishments and also with heavy embroidery as the fabric itself has the shine and luster as there is no need for carving on the sari. No heavy designs are done on the crepe sari; instead, the designers make intricately embroidered borders on the sarees along with an embroidered motifs or Buttis. Crepe saree is best worn during formal get together parties, weddings and even on a day to day basis. For formal gatherings, crepe sarees is a very safe and good option to wear because it can be easily draped depending on the style that one wants and it is suitable in almost all body types. Crepe sarees make one look slimmer, gorgeous and sexy.


Women nowadays go for fancy crepe sarees. These saris are in mix and match designs which vary on the place and occasion to wear.

Printed crepe sarees are very popular nowadays. Gold metallic embroidery is done on the crepe saris increases the look of a crepe saree. Resham embroidery with light floral motifs is the look of the season.

Crepe saris come in these ranges-

 Fancy crepe sarees

 Crepe silk sarees

 Indian crepe silk sarees

 Fancy synthetic crepe saree and many more.

Thus crepe sarees when adorned with minimal jewelry ads grace and elegance to the wearer and also the wearer styles it with momentum.

The History of Indian Sarees: A Legacy for Centuries

The saree is one of the most ancient attire in our Indian history and culture. Since the time of Indus Valley Civilization in 3300-1300 B.C. priests have worn this garment. This was the first evidence of Indian sarees. This was perhaps the first portrayal of its origin and the presence of Indian Sarees in this era. Besides this, many other instances prove the presence of sarees in different eras. For instance, many sculptures from the Gupta School, Gandhara, and Mathura depict the dancers and goddesses in sarees. Also, women in elusive draperies or rather saris are mentioned in ancient Indian poetry. But, the name sari or saree had been given birth by the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. To add any further, it is an accepted fact that sari-like garments, veils, scarves, and shawls have always been worn by Indian women almost hundreds of years ago. Saris are the epitome of culture and diversity in India. 


The sarees are an exceptional piece of art and resistance to the Indian couture. This particular attire is one-of-a-kind and a must-have garment in the wardrobe of every woman of all ages. The versatility of this Indian ethnic garment has gone beyond the shores since women of foreign lands to love to drape an Indian sari. This garment has garnered all the attention with its charm and style. Every sari is a masterpiece that highlights the unusual traits of its extraordinary allure.


The saree lovers of India are poured with many choices in terms of colors, fabrics, designs, works, prints, and styles. Moreover, in today’s fashion world of glam and glitz, many unique styles of sarees have come up like the designer saree, dhoti sari, Bollywood saree, and lehenga sari. But every sari is innovative and distinctive from one another based on style, weaving, fabric, and motifs. And also, every part of India weaves and designs its captivating features in this traditional attire.


Likewise, a sari also varies with its type and style. The variations of this Indian ethnic cloth are not only based on regions, work, fabric, and occasion but also upon how it is draped. It is a very essential criterion that lets every individual saree stand out among all. Another important factor that makes a woman look marvellous and voguish is the blouse and petticoat that the sari is paired with. These two play a very essential role since these are the garments over which a sari is draped.


A saree blouse can be either of matching hue or contrasting colour with your sari. Since a blouse contributes highly to enhancing the beauty and the grace of this Indian traditional attire. Thus it is needless to say that a sari and its blouse always go hand-in-hand to match every taste and style. Sari blouses were mostly made of silk or cotton fabrics for comfort and style. But now they are also made of other materials like satin, rayon, chiffon, and net. Furthermore, these blouses also come with different filters of style, necks, backs, and sleeves. Besides, the blouse, the petticoat plays an important role too. It is that garment that holds onto a sari and pulls up the desired style and looks. A petticoat is either made up of cotton or satin material in different shapes and sizes. But, remember to keep in mind that the color of the petticoat must match the colour of your saree or at least be like it.