Saree – The Power of Every Indian Women

Sarees have come a long way to stay on top of the fashion and minds of women. A woman in a Saree is elegance personified and power redefined. This timeless and ageless attire enabling women to flaunt her feminine appeal. Sarees have always been an essential part of the wardrobes of Indian women for generations. Saris are not only one of the most preferred ethnic wear, whatever be the occasion, but also a canvas to showcase creativity and talent. It truly depicts the passion for tradition and culture of India. A Sari is said to bring out the elegance and beauty of a woman!


Saree is Pride

The Indian sarees commands respect! Influential Indian businesswomen don the Sari with pride and panache. Be it Chanda Kochhar from the banking world, Neelam Dhawan from the IT sector, or Preeta Reddy from the Health care industry, Saree is the way to go for these CEO. They are the ambassadors of Indian ethnic wear in the corporate world and top leaders of their industries.


Saree is Power

Many women in politics have adopted Sari as their power dress. Indira Gandhi was the first woman prime minister of India who stood at par with men and held a strong hand in bringing forward our nation as a leading economy in Asia. She brought forth great agricultural reforms in the country and supported the green revolution. She always wore hand-woven Saris as a follower of Gandhian philosophy. She represented rural India through her various handloom Sarees and preferred Silk Sarees on special occasions. She was a leader with brilliance and prowess and a woman who will always be remembered in the history of Indian politics.


Saree is Ambition

The five-time world amateur boxing champion Mary Kom donned beautiful Sarees during various award ceremonies. She says “it’s nice to wear Saris”. World number 1 in Tennis (women’s doubles), Sania Mirza is known for rocking the ramps in gorgeous Designer Sarees. They have not only achieved success by breaking all the records in sports but have achieved success by breaking all the stereotypes and inspiring other women to pursue sports as their dream career.


Saree is the ultimate symbol of beauty, power, ambition, and pride. Women from all walks of life have embraced the Sari from time to time. Sari is more than fashion, it is a way of life steeped in rich heritage and culture.

These our views about the “Power of Saree”, let us know what a Sari means to you.